Holter Monitoring Service continuing (with precautions) during current COVID19 pandemic

Precautions and information during the human Covid19 pandemic

Current information suggests possible persistence of the SARSCo2 virus on hard surfaces for a limited period of time, perhaps up to 48-72hrs with effective decontamination with alcohol-based disinfectants. There is little evidence to suggest that pet animals may act as a source of cross contamination with SARSCo2 and PCR testing has failed to documents SARS coronaviruses in a large number of dogs during this and a previous SARS outbreak.

Nonetheless, monitors, cards and disposable items have been wiped with alcohol disinfectant wipes prior to dispatch and further alcohol wipes are included in the kit sent out.

We would please ask, that in order to provide protection for both owners and veterinary personnel:

  • You confirm to us, prior to dispatch of the monitor that the owner is not currently displaying active clinical signs (fever, cough) of SARSCo2 and the monitor will not be handled by persons who are showing signs of infection
  • An enclosed alcohol wipe is used to rub over the monitor, leads and any objects touched. Please do not squeeze alcohol out of the pad or use other alcohol preparations as these may damage the expensive monitor. The display window of the monitor should then be wiped with a clean dry cloth (to avoid prolonged alcohol contact, which may damage it) and allowed to dry.
  • Please wear disposable gloves when fitting the Holter monitor
  • Upon removal please ask owners to again wipe down the equipment with the enclosed alcohol wipe, then dry the screen with a clean cloth, prior to sending back. Again only the wipe should be used for cleaning.

We will endeavour to maintain our normal turnaround of results within 7 days of receipt of monitors but the principle threat to this turnaround is the event of incapacitation of interpreting the veterinary cardiologist with SARSCo2. In this event we will make alternative arrangements to have the data analysed by another veterinary cardiologist.

With kind regards

Holter Monitoring Service