Holter Monitoring Service continuing (with precautions) during current COVID19 pandemic

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COVID 19 pandemic precautions – please read

  • The process of hiring a monitor is initiated by submitting an online request below. Until a completed form is received we cannot guarantee that a monitor will be available on a particular day.
  • Once a form is received, we will contact you by telephone or email to inform you which day the monitor will be sent to you.
  • In almost all circumstances a monitor will be available on at least one of the three dates you request.
  • The monitors are all supplied with full instructions for connection. If you have a technical query during connection then please email info@holtermonitoring.co.uk.
  • Please download and print an Owner Consent Form and ensure that it is completed by the owner prior to the monitor leaving your practice.

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    Please read the following points and then sign at the bottom of the page:

    • The monitor is an expensive (£1500) and sensitive piece of equipment and should be treated with care.
    • Most dogs and cats will tolerate the monitor well but they are unsettled then it may be necessary to remove the monitor.
    • The monitor is splash-proof but not waterproof, therefore please advise your client to use the waterproof coat provided if exercising the dog in the rain. If the dog swims whilst wearing the monitor your practice will be liable for the full cost of a replacement monitor.
    • The monitor should be returned to Holter Monitoring Service on completion of a recording.  A surcharge of £20/day will be charged to the practice for monitors returned after the date stated on the invoice.  This is because the monitor is needed for other dogs. The results of the recording will be sent to you within 7days.
    • The practice will be charged if the monitor is lost, damaged or if items such as the harness (£25 each) or the jacket (£20 each) are not returned.

    By submitting this referral request I: